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Photo Contest?

Environment Canada is predicting a warm summer so we thought a great way to cool down is to start looking through your old winter photos taken while recreating at Kelowna Nordic.

Any photo or video (less than a minute please) is eligible regardless of when it was taken.

The Kelowna Nordic Photo Contest starts now and will end on Oct 22nd, 2024, two days before the AGM this fall.

Comb through your photos and videos of winter activities that took place at Kelowna Nordic and either post the photos directly to:

or to

or send us the photos and videos for us to post for you at

Note we reserve the right to remove posts that don't meet our code of conduct.

The photos and videos will be accessible to all site members from now until the AGM this fall.

Contest Rules:

Pictures and videos will be posted to one of the links above.

You grant permission to Kelowna Nordic to display your pics and videos on our website and at the AGM this fall for the duration of the contest.

The Contest committee will select the finalists based on whether the pics or videos best capture winter activities at Kelowna Nordic.

First, second and third place will be selected by our membership at the AGM.

Please send any questions to


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