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Kelowna Nordic

Skiing with your Dogs

We have 23 km of ski trails available for dog/skier use, accessible from the Main Cabin, Summit, and Kallis parking lots.  The trails are marked by a “DOGS OK” sign on the trail.  Due to insurance regulations, skiing with dogs on other trails is NOT permitted.  The ski maps also have “dog” and “no dog” icons on them. Dogs are allowed on all snowshoe trails.

Trails that allow dogs are:

  • K9

  • Riverside (part from Jackrabbit to Backcountry only)

  • Backcountry

  • Axel’s Alley (upper or South part only)

  • Thunder Mountain

  • Ol 33 (one way going down only)

  • Mochis

  • Diamond Daves


Skiing with dogs can be very enjoyable but also unpredictable, so we ask that you respect the following rules at all times:

  • Skijoring/sledding is NOT permitted at any time on any of our trails.

  • Dogs should be on a leash in the parking lot unless they stay near your vehicle.

  • Do NOT ski with your dog on a leash or attached to you in any way.  

  • Dogs that are unable to run unleashed without endangering other users are banned from our ski trails.

  • Dogs are not allowed in the cabins.

  • Aggressive breeds of dogs and non-socialized dogs are NOT allowed at Kelowna Nordic.  Skiers with untrained dogs that chase other skiers or their dogs are banned from our trails.

  • Do not bag your dog poo unless you take it home with you.  Just flick it off the trail with your poles.

Dog owners, please be aware that skiers without dogs may also use these trails.  You must keep your dog(s) under control, especially on hills and when meeting skiers or other dogs.


Kelowna Nordic
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