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Kelowna Nordic

Membership Rates

We thank our returning members for their continued support and welcome new members to the wonderful winter activities we offer.

Monthly newsletters and periodic posts are sent via email to keep you updated if you choose, please be sure to sign up for our newsletter below.

** GST, CCBC/Nordiq Canada and online application fees  are not included in the rates below.

2023 / 24 season

In order to keep our pass rates low, we need your help in volunteering. There is a volunteer form included in the membership application form and also on the website under Community / Volunteer. Thank you.


  • CCBC/Nordiq Canada fees, GST, and online processing charges are not included in the above rates.

  • Youth rates apply to 8-18 years. Students must have a valid Student ID.

  •  Family rates apply to parents with children 5-18 years. (0-5 are free).

  •  Grandparent(s) / Grandchildren rates are the same as Family

  •  Ski membership includes the use of the K9, snowshoe, and cross-country trails.

  •  Families without children apply as individual adults on the same form.

  •  Dogs are free but are only allowed on snowshoe trails and certain ski trails.

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