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Kelowna Nordic

Ski Instruction

We are pleased to announce that we are bringing a new program to KNSSC: the Kelowna Nordic Masters Social Ski Lessons. The objective of this program is to enable participants to improve their skill level on skis in a fun and social setting. The program is run by club members to benefit other club members. Improvements in technique will make the trail system more accessible and enjoyable for easier, ski farther, ski more.All participants must have previous ski experience. The minimum standard for all Masters participants is that you must be able to ski Log Cabin Trail.You will be asked to select between Beginner (Amblers), Intermediate (Ramblers) and Advanced (Scramblers) according to your ability and fitness at the start.You will be asked to choose between Classic and Skating groups.You must provide all your own equipment, food and drink.

The club offers Masters Social Ski Lessons on Sundays in January and February.

The club does not have a ski school but has a list of instructors who provide paid lessons to members and non-members as well. They are all highly skilled and teach to suit all skill levels.

For private ski lessons, please contact either of the following instructors:

Randy Hagen (available weekdays only)

Emanuela Bandol (available weekends and weekdays)

Please contact the instructors directly for availability and inquiries about cost.
For any other questions, please email us at:

Kelowna Nordic
Kelowna Nordic
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