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Kelowna Nordic


Snowshoe Trails

We have 80 km of snowshoe trails accessible from the Main Cabin or Summit parking lots. Dogs are allowed on all snowshoe trails provided they are kept under control at all times. If you cannot control your dogs, please leave them at home. Dogs are not allowed in the cabins. Snowshoe trails crosski trails. Please do not damage the set tracks when crossing - lift your snowshoes over the track.

Snowshoe trails require users to wear snowshoes on the trails at all times. Please do not walk on the snowshoe trails in boots only.

DO NOT WALK ON SKI TRAILS AT ANY OTHER TIME, ESPECIALLY IN THE CENTRE. Snowshoe trails are flagged with long pieces of orange tape with “TRAIL” on it. Do not follow other tapes or trails that people may have made. This is the main reason for people getting lost.

Avenza Trail App

We have free geo-referenced PDF maps of the ski and snowshoe trails available on Avenza Maps, a free mobile app that allows you to download maps for offline use on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Use your device’s built-in GPS to track your location on any map, plot locations and photos, measure distance and area, and more. The app does not use your data on the trails, but you should be connected to wi-fi to download the app and maps.

Kelowna Nordic
Kelowna Nordic
Kelowna Nordic
Kelowna Nordic
  1. Download the Avenza Maps app and set up an account.

  2. Tap maps to download to your device.

  3. Search for our free “Kelowna Nordic” maps for both Cross Country Ski trails and Snowshoe trails.

Snowshoe-Map-2022-with-Nordic-Mtn-and-Updated-Emergency-Contacts 2023_24.jpg
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