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Kelowna Nordic


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Subaru keys found at the main cabin on March 2 Saturday

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Gloves found at main lodge.

Will be at the main lodge lost and found this week-end.

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A member lost her keys today somewhere up at Kelowna Nordic. If anyone finds a set of keys on the trails or in one of the cabins or biffies, please send an email to Thanks!

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John Davina lost his water bottle, waist-band and visor at the main lodge yesterday. If you have found them then let us know so we can retrieve them.

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Today was an excellent day for classic at Kelowna Nordic. We did Riverside-Backcountry-Backcountry Connector-Riverside Connector and upper log cabin return. The only non-groomed part for us was backcountry connector but the tracks were only lightly filled and so we re-groomed the tracks for you !

Note as the grooming report stated this morning the skate lane was soft and snow-covered making for a harder skate.

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A Tesla card (not car) was found at the main lodge. Contact me at if its yours

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It might have been raining in Kelowna but it snowed at Kelowna Nordic!

Fresh snow over groomed tracks (It snowed heavily after the groomer went over the trail.) made for a tougher skate but still worth it.

Classic was fine with tracks and no ice.

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Annalee and I skate skied from Summit today. Diamond Daves was in good shape - the skate track was firm enough and the classic track looked good (I jumped in it and the track was fast!).

From Diamond Daves to Thunder Mountain out to Old Cedar - in very good condition !

Old Cedar was good but there were some spots where the grooming machine did leave tracks - not many but worth paying attention.

Then we took Lower Olympic to the Upper Meadow Junction and then turned back. Lower Olympic was similar to Old Cedar.

Overall an excellent day out skiing! Note it was getting soft as we finished close to noon so I would recommend starting earlier - at 8 or 9 am if you want to avoid the softer base later on.

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Jack Courcelles

Grooming and skiing has been fantastic despite weather challenges! Nice work.

When can we expect to see the other trails like rollercoaster and spruce glen open? It’s nice to mix in some hills some days!

dress warm out there.

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Amazing conditions today! Skied from Summit - Mochi/Old Cedar/Olympic/Upper Meadow and back. I was on classic, husband was skating, conditions were perfect for both of us.

Hoping that there will be enough snow to start grooming the Knoll soon - it's one of our favourites.

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