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Kelowna Nordic

Location Map

Location of Kelowna Nordic Ski and Snowshoe Trails

We are located approximately 20-45 minutes southeast of Kelowna on a (100km/hr) paved highway.

From Kelowna, take Highway 33 to the Big White Road junction. 0.5 km past this junction on the right-hand side is the "Kallis" parking lot, where there is access to some ski trails but not to  snowshoe trails. A further 0.9 km past there is the "Summit" parking lot where one groomer is kept and there are ski and snowshoe trails,  a small shelter and an outhouse. The ski trails here are not suitable for beginners. From this parking lot, it is another 5.3 km to the McCulloch Road junction. Turn right and follow McCulloch Road for approximately 4.5 km to the main parking lot, cabin and access to both ski and snowshoe trails. The ski trails here are better suited to beginners.

From Beaverdell, proceed north on highway 33. Watch for the Idabel Lake resort sign, then turn left onto McCulloch road. The parking lot and trail head are another 4.5 km along McCulloch road.

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