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Kelowna Nordic Online Store is Open!

Purchase your Kelowna Nordic jackets, hats and headbands from our online store.

We will be selling these items online only from the Jakroo site from November 15th to Nov. 30th. Size recommendations are available from the online size chart. Items purchased will will be shipped directly to you.

The store site will close in two weeks and all items will be shipped directly to members on Dec. 15th. Jakroo guarantees your fit and satisfaction.

Kelowna Nordic receives 10% of all profits which are used for our Member events.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Team pricing on batch order stores starts at the 20% discount tier. The price will Automatically drop for each item as members place orders and total number of orders reaches the next discount tier. That means the price you ultimately pay for an item is determined by the total number of orders for that item by November 30th.

Quantity Discounts

Number of Orders



20 %


35 %


40 %


50 %


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