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Fundraising for Grooming Machine

The two PistenBullys used for snow grooming at Kelowna Nordic are at the end of their productive lives. Our 1999 PistenBully has had more than 13,000 hours of use. Most clubs trade in their grooming machines at 10,000 hours. Our other grooming machine is 17 years old.

We are running a campaign this year to raise $100,000 from our members and from corporate donors. We are also applying for grants from BC Tourism, BC Gaming and other government agencies.  For example there is up to $250,000 available through BC Gaming Grants. Your donation matters as government grants are partially based on the success a club has on raising funds on their own.

More details and instructions on how to donate are found here.

Kelowna Nordic is a registered charity in Canada and tax receipts will be issued.


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