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Grooming Update

To all members and users, thank you for your patience, comments and suggestions over the last few weeks regarding grooming.

We apologize for the lack of clarity to date and are very motivated to improve communications with our membership.

We encourage and welcome your comments so we can work together to create a great ski experience.

There will be an online survey to members within the next month. Please participate in this opportunity to share your comments and ideas with the board.

In addition to the scarcity of snow and late start to the season, we have been training new grooming operators and dealing with old equipment.

Our 1997 and 2007 Pisten Bully machines are past their serviceable life and maintenance costs and reliability are ongoing issues which are unsustainable.

Our goal is to acquire a new machine within the next two years. The board of directors is working to launch a fundraising campaign for a newer machine.

We are very fortunate to have Phil Klotz generously donating his time and expertise to head up the grooming crew. He has nine years of experience as a snowcat operator 

and was on the Telemark Nordic board as director of grooming, trail improvement and trail maintenance.

Phil is working with us to improve the safety of the trail system and increase grooming efficiency. 

As a result we have a WEEKDAYS grooming schedule ( similar to last year)  outlined and posted on the website so skiers can plan their routes.

There are 44 km of trails groomed on weekdays and 66 km of trails groomed on weekends.

A few trails have been removed from the grooming schedule this year to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

These include Sawmill Connector, Lower Roller Coaster, The Cut, Moose Track, Spruce Glen and Hawk Hill.

These decisions were carefully considered based on popularity, useage, required pre-season maintenance, amount of snow, safety and to avoid backtracking when grooming.

NOTE:  ALL CURRENT TRAILS WILL BE GROOMED ON WEEKENDS.  The weekend grooming map is also posted on the website.

We finally have enough snow to provide the high quality grooming that we are used to and proud of.

Enjoy the winter beauty and we'll see you on the trails !


John Davina and 

Kelowna Nordic Board of Directors


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